A manufacturer of Mylar balloons approached Belt Corporation of America with a unique problem. Their balloons were made on a large piece of equipment that stamped sheets of Mylar to create the balloons. In a short amount of time, the belts were growing worn and damaged due to the abrasive stamping procedure. Belt Corporation of America was asked to make an improved belt with better performance and a longer service life.

mylar_baloonsThe customer was originally using a fully endless felt belt with a silicone cover. The belts were not only expensive, but their supplier could only provide a 40A durometer silicone. This durometer is similar to the hardness of a pencil eraser. As a result, the stamping blades would sink easily into the silicone cover during production, damaging the belt. The manufacturer wanted to maintain a silicone cover on the belt, but could only keep the silicone if it had a harder durometer that could withstand the abrasive stamping motion of the equipment.

To meet the customer’s demands, the team at Belt Corporation of America was able to work with one of its material suppliers to create a silicone with a durometer of 50A, which is between the firmness of a pencil eraser and a car tire tread. This new material was tougher than the original and more resistant to cuts. The balloon manufacturer has found the silicone to be superior to their previous cover.

At Belt Corporation of America, we were able to go above and beyond the capabilities of typical suppliers to find a solution to our customer’s issues. The new belt that we produced was not only more efficient but also less expensive than the belts that the customer had been using in the past. We were able to meet the customer’s requirements and deliver cost savings, customized service, and high quality at the same time.

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