Weld on urethane cleats can be attached to Megalinear or Megaflex belts to assist in product sortation, separation or actuation.  Megadyne sales personnel and application engineers can assist in choosing the right shape and dimensions to meet your application needs.  Depending on the quantity required, application type and the complexity of profile needed, either molded profiles or profiles cut from PU sheet materials will be used.  Megadyne uses various welding technologies to attach cleats.

Standard cleat material is 92 shore A white.  Alternative durometers and colors available on request.

An alternative to weld on cleats are mechanically attached cleats using Megadyne’s False Tooth system.

Cleat shapes:

  • Round top
  • Round top with hole
  • Rectangular
  • Trapezoidal
  • Angle
  • Pointed Top
  • Cylinder
  • T Shape
  • U shape
  • V shape
  • L Shape
  • Paddle shape
  • Rectangle with holes
  • Cleats with metal inserts

Cleat examples: