Isoran Platinum

RPP Platinum Rubber Endless Belt

Ultra-High Torque – Platinum is Megadyne’s Ultra-High Performance, rubber-based synchronous belt constructed with “Dual Core” Hybrid Tensile Cord Technology.

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Isoran Gold

RPP Isoran Gold Belt

Super High Torque – Isoran® RPP® Gold is the result of Megadyne’s continued focus on developing high-performance drive systems for every level of performance required.

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Isoran Silver & Silver 2

Isoran RPP Silver Belts

Extra High Torque – The new Silver2 is an advanced evolution of the original Silver product family producing an increase of load capacity of up to 50% over the previous generation.

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Rubber Imperial


Rubber Imperial Belt

Standard timing belts are an excellent choice in drives where precise registration is required.

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Imperial Dual Sided


Rubber Imperial Dual Sided Belt

Compared to Imperial trapezoidal tooth belts, they transmit more power in the same width or allow a reduction of width to transmit the same power.

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High Torque Belts

The standard trapezoidal tooth timing belt design performs poorly in high-torque drives at lower speeds; our Belt was developed using a more efficient tooth profile.

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