Megadyne products are used in a wide range of applications within the wood industry, from power transmission belts to conveyor belts to urethane belts. Megadyne plays a big role in the processing of wood from the forest to the end consumer.


We provide belts for use on equipment from sawing to debarking to chipping.  Further downline, Megadyne provides power transmission, conveyor and urethane belts used in the production of plywood, MDF (medium-density fiberwood) board, and veneers.

Wood Industry Belts

In the early stages of lumber harvesting, we offer Power Transmission Vee, Banded and Multi-Vee-Rib, timing belts, and Accu-Link® belts to drive the motor. Throughout the log cutting, debarking, chipping, and veneer trimming processes, power transmission belts drive saws and blades to prepare the harvested wood for downline manufacturing of plywood and MDF products.

We also offer narrow Sampla and Megalinear belts as well as wide Sampla conveyor belts to move veneers and finished plywood and MDF boards. Because timing is so critical for synchronized conveying of products on multiple narrow belts, Megalinear timing belts are among our most popular products.

Sampla conveyor belts are used to accept and convey woodchips through production operations to make MDF boards. The chips are deposited on the belt, where they’re mixed with adhesives and other chemicals in order to be pressed and formed into long, wide sheets of MDF — which are frequently used in roofing and flooring applications, as well as in veneered furniture.

Sampla belts include cutting- and abrasion-resistant PVC 74A belts U10, U20, and U31, softer PVC 46 L20 and L30 belts for wood handling, and G23R belts with a PVC 56A cover for grinding machines. For MDF production operations, we offer P8/A 85, 88, and 92A polyurethane belts with a polyspiral top to convey and compress wood chips. For veneer stacking operations, our Sampla PN 20/A, PN30/A, and Megalinear belts with welded guides on the conveying side help support and move the sheets.

Megadyne also offers high-performance belts for applications requiring superior strength and wear resistance. Designed to improve power transmission capacity and replace traditionally heavy gears and noisy chains, our platinum timing belt is the latest development in our synchronous system offerings. For high-vibration, heavy-wear applications (often outdoors), we recommend our UniMatch Banded Classical, Deep Wedge, and Raw Edge Deep Wedge belts.

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No matter where your application falls along the spectrum of wood processing and product operations, Megadyne has a belt to meet your specific needs. To learn more about our equipment offerings for the wood industry, download our wood brochure or contact the team today.