Case Study: Saving Time and Money at the ATM

At Belt Corporation of America, one of our specialties is reverse engineering. Reverse engineering is a process in which manufacturers disassemble a product and rebuild an improved version of it. We used reverse engineering to help one of our customers in the banking industry upgrade the belts on their ATM machines.

Diebold_ATM_restart-1-1The customer was a third party repair contractor who was experiencing quality issues with the belts inside Diebold ATM machines. While new belts performed well, they had a very limited lifecycle. Compounding this problem, the OEM responsible for making the replacements was running behind schedule. The contractor asked us to reverse engineer the part to make it more reliable and durable over a longer time span.

To meet this challenge, the engineers at Belt Corporation of America received the current belt from the customer, along with information about the machine in which it was being used. We analyzed the belt and its application in order to design a modified version. Our solution was to develop a belt from a longer-lasting compound. The EPDM rubber compound that we ultimately used contained carbon, which made it better suited to long-term use.

In addition to meeting our customer’s requests for a tougher ATM belt, we were also able to cut costs and ensure timely delivery. The improved belt not only lasted longer than the original, but also had a lower initial cost. These factors, combined with reliable shipping, helped us earn the trust of our customer and made this project a success.

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