To allow for the safe and efficient transport of tobacco products, from freshly harvested leaves and cured bricks of lamina to blended tobacco and full cartons of cigarettes, Megadyne offers a series of specialty belts for each phase of the production process.

Our Product portfolio includes conveying and timing belts for primary processing, including harvesting and curing; secondary processing, including blending and forming; and packaging.

Tobacco Industry Belts

Tobacco processing facilities require hundreds of belts to stage and convey tobacco throughout every step of primary processing; we offer conveyance solutions for each phase, from picking and weighing leaf to conveying bales.

Nontoxic and in compliance with all relevant safety standards, Megadyne V series two-ply polyolefin belts and HY series Hytrel® belts excel in these applications.

Our belts reliably convey large, condensed bricks of lamina as they are guillotined into smaller, more manageable pieces before being further processed into a state suitable for use in cigarettes.

For the packaging stages of cigarette production, we can provide a number of FDA-approved belt solutions: Our spun cast Hytrel® belt, which features a small footprint, can be used as a vacuum belt for paperboard cigarette packages, and a variety of our specialty profile urethane timing belts are well suited for packaging cartons into boxes for shipping.

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