Machined Modifications on a Belt

Specialty belts can require enhanced features in order to maximize performance efficiency, especially in applications like infeed belts, vacuum conveying belts, pic and place system belts and puller application belts, found in the packaging, paper and robotics industry.

Megadyne has invested to stay at the forefront of customized belt designs in order to create repeatable, precision modifications added to the cover side of the belts we process as well as to the drive side.

Modifications include:

  • Holes/Perforations
  • Pockets
  • Slots
  • Saw Tooth
  • Grooves
  • Custom Shapes
  • Grinding
  • Notching/Knife Cut
  • Fabric Additions (Toothside)
  • Vacuum Countersinks


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Knife Cuts

Knife Cuts Drawing

Diagonal Knife Cuts

Ground Profiles

Ground Profiles Drawing

Ground Groove

Ground Grooves Drawing

Deep Grooves

Deep Grooves Drawing

Countersink with Holes

Countersink with Holes Drawing