Megaflex timing belts are manufactured in thermoplastic polyurethane with continuous spiral steel cords. This type of belt, developed by our Research & Development, offers good running characteristics and high-torque loads.

megaflex beltThey are especially suited for power transmission and conveying with high loads and high speeds (up to 10,000 RPM). The addition of a nylon fabric on the teeth during production enhances the running properties for specific applications and reduces noise. An extra thickness of special backing is also possible on the back of the belt, offering extra protection against abrasive or heavy products.

Megaflex belts are truly endless, enabling them to deliver exceptional performance.


  • High flex cords
  • NFT nylon fabric on the teeth (available from 1.9 meter/6.2 ft. and up)
  • Custom milling, grinding and drilling to specification
  • Additional continuous backing on the back of the belt in:
    • PU 85 ShA
    • Tenax 50 ShA
    • Linatex 40 ShA
    • Yellow PUR 60 ShA
    • Gray PUR 60 ShA
    • Neoprene rubber 70 ShA
    • Other hardnesses available upon request.