Timing Belts for the Robotics Industry

Within the first nine months of 2017, robotics sales in North America reached the highest point ever recorded — 27,294 orders valued at over $1.4 billion. It’s estimated that more than 1.7 million new industrial robots will be installed in factories across the globe between 2017 and 2020.

Total motion control product shipments also increased by 10%, reaching $2.6 billion. To break these numbers down further, 38% of shipments were motors, 18% were actuators and mechanical systems, and 17% were electronic drives.

The fastest-growing categories in motion control and motor products for the first month of 2017 are as follows:

  • Motion controllers — 24% for total of $147 million
  • Sensors and feedback devices — 20% for total of $116 million
  • AC drives — 15% for total of $295 million
  • Actuators and mechanical systems — 13% for total of $479 million
  • Motors — 11% for total of $1 billion

Motion control engineers frequently turn to Megadyne for assistance in selecting a high-strength, long-lasting belt that can hold up to the unique demands of the robotics industry; we’re proud to offer a wide range of belting solutions.

Megadyne’s High-Strength Belts for Motion Control

Megapower Belts

Polyurethane Endless Megapower 2 BeltOur Megapower urethane molded timing belts feature precise tooth geometry, wear resistance urethane and high strength cords. Megapower delivers benefits overgear drives and other more expensive motion options.

Megapower belts allow for a range of benefits, including:

  • Precise synchronous transmission
  • High strength cord dimensional stability
  • Excellent wear resistance
  • Low noise
  • Low installation tension

Some of the more common Megapower belt equipment applications are listed below:

  • Medical equipment
  • Packaging pick and place systems
  • Security system positional equipment
  • X, Y and Z drives

Isoran Platinum

RPP Platinum Rubber Endless Belt

Our ultra-high-performance, rubber-based Isoran Platinum belts can handle even the most demanding drives, effectively replacing roller chain, gears, and Poly Chain® as needed. Platinum synchronous belts are specified based on pitch, number of teeth, and width (in millimeters). Platinum offers Megadyne’s RPC tooth shape, designed to deliver high performance and low vibration.

Isoran Platinum belts are ideal for drives requiring maximum efficiency, synchronous operation, or the highest possible power capacity.

Megalinear Belts

Polyurethane Megalinear Belt

Megalinear open-end belts are a good option for applications requiring bi-directional positioning accuracy, low noise, and zero maintenance. Megalinear belting is available with several cord options; specific cord type is chosen after thorough review of the specific application at hand.

Megalinear belts are commonly used in the following applications:

  • Automatic sliding doors and garage-opening systems
  • Lifting equipment
  • Automated handling and feeding devices
  • Multi-Positioning X & Y systems
  • Car wash systems

Linear Positioning in Robotics

With automation on the rise, linear robotics have  seen significant growth in the past few years. A  robot with two or three principle axes that move in a straight line, rather than rotating, these sophisticated machines require superior accuracy.  Megadyne belts options are ideal for working in these highly repetitive task environments.

Common uses for linear robots include:

  • Sorting — Linear robots allow for streamlining of the manual sorting process, making it safer and more efficient.
  • Palletizing — These robots can be used to place products in predetermined patterns, allowing for a small equipment footprint.
  • Pick and place — High-speed pick-and-place robots move products from one location to another with great precision and extremely low risk of error.
  • Assembly — Linear robots can be used for various dispensing, cutting, and forming actions, among others.
  • Packaging — Robots allow for nonstop production and faster turnaround times in packaging operations.

Robotic engineers require long-lasting, reliable belts that deliver repeatable performance. Megadyne can easily meet these needs with our wide selection of top-quality timing belts. Key features and benefits include:

  • Low pretension
  • Low-noise tooth designs
  • Stable dimensions
  • No maintenance
  • Abrasion-resistant materials
  • High-strength and flex cords options
  • Working temperature of -25 °C/+80 °C (-13 °F/+176 °F)
  • Linear speeds up to 20 m/s
  • Age, hydrolysis, and ozone resistance

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Megadyne can meet the needs of any OEM design engineer, no matter how complex or unusual the requirements. To learn more about our industry-leading belting solutions for motion control and robotics applications, reach out to the team today. We’re on-hand to answer any questions you may have.

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