False Tooth BeltMegadyne’s False Tooth system is designed to provide an easy mechanical attachment option for placement of cleats and other profiles and shapes to common synchronous belt pitches H, AT10 and AT20 pitch. False teeth can be added to both Megalinear and Megaflex belts.

Packaging Applications

In the packaging industry where synchronized sortation, actuation, and product separation is common, welded on cleats will do the job in most cases. However, in some applications, loads on the cleat require a more robust solution to assure the cleat does not come off. Additionally, in many of today’s packaging applications, such as pick and place systems, inserting and cartoning machines belt design flexibility is needed. Megadyne’s False tooth attachment option provides a method to reposition cleats without the need to replace belts, thus saving time and money.

Advantages of Megadyne False Teeth

  • Serviceability – Easily replace broken or damaged cleats where welded cleats will not do the job, false teeth offer easy installation and strong holding performance.
  • Belt Flexibility – Easy change the cleat profiles on the same belt for a new process.
  • Material Flexibility – Mount cleats and profiles on various materials.


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