3 Ways to Improve Form-Fill-Seal Belts

Throughout the packaging industry, many professionals rely on vertical form-fill-seal machines for diverse vending and bagging operations. These machines are essential for quickly and efficiently filling packages with different products and sealing them, and they need high-quality belting to deliver the ideal performance.

Today, there are several manufacturers of form-fill-seal machines, and during our decades-long tenure, Belt Corporation of America has supported many of these manufacturers with our specialty belting products. We have over 30 years of experience producing and supplying custom belting for OEMs and aftermarket distributors alike; as such, we have become proficient at improving the quality of form-fill-seal belts with many strategies. A few of them are below:

DuraTaq™ and other High-Performance Compounds:

We utilize various materials to meet the exact needs of the application. For form-fill-seal belting, our engineers use DuraTaq™, a proprietary material made especially with heavy-duty applications in mind. DuraTaq™ provides excellent grip and slip prevention as well as enhanced durability. Another example of a high-performance compound is our Blue Anti-Glaze rubber compound. This resilient compound offers abrasion resistance necessary in a form-fill-seal application, as well as resistance to many chemicals.

Homogenous Molded, Truly Endless Covers:

For uniform wear surfaces, our form-fill-seal belts are fitted with homogenous molded covers without any hard spots. Molded covers are abrasion resistant, highly flexible, and have no seams or splices—these features enable the belts to deliver increased performance.

form-fill-seal_cover.jpgMultiple Capabilities to Modify Belts:

Our form-fill-seal belt capabilities don’t stop with our construction or compound choice. We have an unparalleled ability to add necessary slotting, piping, etc…so a belt can meet the application or machine requirements.

At Belt Corporation of America, our engineering team and customer service representatives work closely with you to provide innovative, enduring solutions for your industrial belting needs. For more information on our form-fill-seal belts, or any of our products or services, be sure to contact us today.

Innovation Spotlight: Endless Form-Fill-Seal Belts

The new process for a type of endless FFS belting came about in response to a problem a customer was having with their machine. This particular customer was using timing belts made of molded linatex on a neoprene base. This belt worked adequately until the packaging film used in the machine was switched to a new, but atypical film. The new film was coated “inside out” instead of “outside in”. Soon, the existing belts pulling the film began slipping. The slipping belt caused slowdowns on the line and other inefficiencies in the production process.

The Belt Corporation team came up with an innovative new belting solution to fix this issue. The new belt has a “skin coat” that securely grabs the film. This high-gloss surface was created without grinding and has an aggressively tacky exterior. The tacky surface needed to have the correct “catch and release” to keep the line moving smoothly.


Our improved belt on the left (black), the original belt on the right (red)

The real innovation is that Belt Corp was able to develop this same belt in a truly endless form. Devoid of any seams, this belt has increased longevity while maintaining the requirements for the FFS application.

As a result of this successful re-engineering project, we have been testing this new belt among OEMs of FFS machines. The results have been most promising, and we are planning on rolling out this innovative product to all of our customers who are experiencing similar problems.

As experts in custom fabricated belting, Belt Corporation was able to develop a new solution for an existing problem. Thanks to our technical experience, we can take a capability concept and engineer an optimal new solution. We also have the capabilities to apply this concept to other applications in the process.

Offering a wide range of belting materials and options enables us to develop concepts and solutions to resolve any issues with all leading FFS equipment. If you are experiencing any problems with your process, be sure to contact Belt Corporation of America today.

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