Megadyne offers a number of synchronous and nonsynchronous options for both light-duty power transmission and product handling applications within the medical industry. From capsule filling to product inspection to pill packaging to equipment instrumentation drives, Megadyne belts can be found.

Belt Solutions for the Medical Industry

Urethane Timing Belts

Our cast urethane timing belts molded in FDA urethane and reinforced with stainless steel or Kevlar deliver precision for pic and place systems, robotics and instrumentation.  These clean running belts are engineered to meet the exact performance needs of your application.

Customized timing belts are used to move product, such as in labeling and container inspection machines. From a broad range of FDA cover options, Megadyne can mold, cast or coat materials like silicone, Hytrel and rubber to deliver the right frictional needs to do the job right.

Additionally, Megadyne can mold timing belts with integral profiles within the body of the belt to ensure a homogenous construction.

Unsupported Flat Belts

For non-synchronized, but precise dimensional requirements, Megadyne can spin cast a non reinforced flat belt to your exact dimensions.  With precise thickness tolerances in single, dual or tri durometer, Megadyne can engineer a flat belt to stretch onto your drive without the need for a tensioning device. Contact Megadyne to learn more about this engineered belt process.

Additionally, Megadyne can offer FDA materials in Mylar and Kapton

Reinforced Flat Belts

When flat belts with high strength are required, Megadyne can provide reinforced flat belts with Silicone, Neoprene, and Polyurethane.

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