A multi-rib belt, also known as a serpentine belt, is a single, continuous V-belt whose width is made up of “ribs” according to the power requirements of the application. As the term “serpentine” implies, these belts are highly flexible and can easily weave in and out of various parts and accessories. Allowing for excellent power transmission and high flexibility, multi-rib belts are often used in engines — such as alternators, power steering pumps, and air pumps — as well as various other general applications, such as washing machines, exercise machines and power tools. Depending on the specific application, multi-rib belts may be guided by an idler pulley and/or a belt tensioner.

At Megadyne, we offer two types of highly efficient multi-rib belts — a rubber model and a polyurethane model — each with its own unique features and benefits.

Megadyne’s Multi-Rib Belts

Rubber Multi-Rib Belts

rubber multi rib beltRubber multi-rib belts are ideal for applications requiring high speed ratios (up to 60:1). Effectively eliminating belt turnover, these belts offer much greater flexibility than banded V-belts in situations with compact drives and small pulley diameters. Plus, the superior belt rib-to-pulley contact allows for better power transmission in less space. These belts can be used in virtually all applications requiring a compact drive.

Conforming to ARPM Engineering Standard IP-26 as well as ISO 9982, Megadyne Multi-Rib rubber belts are constructed of a polybutadiene compound and polyester tensile cord. Additional rubber covers are available with a maximum thickness of 1/8 inch.

Below are some of the key advantages of these rubber multi-rib belts.

  • Great flexibility
  • Elimination of belt turnover
  • Reduced noise and vibration
  • Superior lateral stiffness
  • Multiple available profiles
  • Low stretch
  • High power capacity

Polyurethane Megarib® Belts

polyurethane multi rib beltOur polyurethane Megarib® belts are manufactured with high-tension cords, allowing for the same flexibility as flats belts with the superior power transmission of V-belts. Megarib® belts can be used with small pulley diameters and are ideal for a wide range of applications — including food processors, electrical tools, woodworking equipment, washing machines, domestic power tools, and high-precision linear positioning.

For special applications, Megarib® belts can be made with semi-elastic tension for fixed center drives. This construction permits the elimination of a tensioning mechanism and allows for significant cost savings.

Standard Megarib® products are offered in a wide range of rib pitches and lengths to meet specific requirements.

Key benefits of our polyurethane Megarib® belts include:

  • High dimensional stability
  • Great flexibility
  • Excellent, water, oil, and ozone resistance
  • High-speed capability
  • Ease of use with small pulley diameters

Multi-Rib Offerings From Megadyne

Megadyne has been manufacturing industry-leading belt products since 1957, and we’re proud to offer cutting-edge multi-rib products for use in various industries and applications. Allowing for high flexibility and excellent power transmission with reduced thickness, these belts are ideal for drives with high speed ratios, drives requiring minimal maintenance and upkeep, and drives functioning in noise-sensitive settings. We offer a wide range of stock belts and can provide customization options to meet specific requirements and application needs.

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