Acculink V Belt

Constructed with wear resistant urethane and multi-layer high strength polyester cords, today’s Accu-Link® detachable link V belts deliver performance equal to and in many cases better than conventional rubber v belts.

In power transmission applications, Accu-Link’s raw edge design and segmented link construction, runs quieter and minimizes harmonic vibrations than can typically build up along the cord line in classical v belt constructions, which can lead to early bearing failures.

Accu-Link® is easily installed with a simple twist – no tools.  It can be rolled onto sheaves, unlike conventional v-belts.  Match belt sets can be easily made by counting links.  Most important, a short section of Accu-Link® v belt allows the user the make up the necessary belt length required without needing to carrying large stocks of inventory.

In addition to power transmission applications, Accu-Link® is a good choice for multiple belt strand conveying applications.

Features & Benefits

  • Durable urethane coating – Increased life and durability
  • Rugged polyester fabric – Strength and longer life; maximum horsepower
  • Can be assembled to any length – A short length – reduces inventory
  • Snap-and-twist assembly – No tools needed – Easy assembly, a fast and reliable alternative, minimizes downtime
  • Chemical and high temp resistance – Dependability in harsh environments
  • Segmented link construction – Rolls on to drive pulleys like chain – no cords to break Reduced vibration over conventional V-Belts
  • Versatility – Can be used in any industry, hundreds of applications Can be used as singles or multiple V-Belts
  • Horsepower capacity – Same power ratings as conventional V-Belts
  • Interchangeability – Can be installed on existing pulleys with no changes in set-up

Where To Use Accu-Link

  • Hard to get to drives
  • Anywhere Classical V belt sections are used
  • Where Urethane’s chemical resistance and Accu-Link’s high –temp resistance is needed -25°C/+80°C (-13°F/176°F)
  • Where large stocks of v belts must be reduced without risking not having the right size belt

Technical Info

  • Applications – Fans, Pumps, Air Handling, Computer Rooms, Machine Tools, Woodworking tools, Marine industry, Conveyors, Tiles, Marble and Glass processing and handling
  • Engineering Standards – None – No engineering standard exists for link-type belting
  • Recommended Pulleys – Use pulleys made to ARPM standards
  • Availability – 3L, A, B, C, CC sections

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