Megadyne offers several power transmission belts for use in chemical industry applications. Our product line includes rubber V belts, along with rubber and urethane synchronous belts, used mainly for dryer, transfer pump, metering mix, and air compressor applications.

In some cases, the benefits of urethane’s chemical resistance offer superior performance benefits over rubber alternatives.

Belt Solutions for the Chemical Industry

Megadyne’s anti-static Isoran Platinum, Gold, and Silver rubber-based timing belt line is particularly well-suited to applications within the chemical industry. Providing high performance, maintenance-free operation, these belts offer superior torque and load carrying capacity while easily withstanding harsh chemicals.

As an alternative, our silicone-free Megapaint belt is another rubber-based belting solution specifically designed for applications in which silicone found within the air can create negative effects on finished products, such as on automotive painting lines. Megapaint belts do not require maintenance or lubrication, thus cutting down on costs, downtime, and labor.

Urethane-Based Belt Solutions

Our urethane-based Megapower 2, available with steel or stainless cords, is a cast thermoset elastomer offering very good chemical resistance. Designed to withstand heavy loads, the belts are also resistant to wear, abrasion, oils, greases, gasoline, and chemicals. Megapower 2 Belts are maintenance-free, allowing for significant time and cost savings.

The Urethane Accu-Link® belt, a permanent option for rubber V-belt, is another ideal solution for applications requiring reliable chemical resistance.

Offering high resistance to solvents, oil, waters, and chemicals, Accu-Link® belts are designed for extreme operating environments. Each belt is manufactured with a resilient urethane coating to allow for long life span and high durability while their rugged polyester fabric provides added strength.

These belts can be used in any industry requiring high resistance to harsh chemicals. Accu-link is available in 3L/O, 4L/A, B, and C section V belt options.

Not only does urethane offer higher load-bearing capacity than rubber, it also provides superior cut, tear, and abrasion resistance. Our urethane belts can be easily formulated to outlast rubber varieties and can stand up to sunlight and harsh outdoor environments, as well as chemicals. Semi-conductive and oxygen- and ozone-resistant, urethane belting solutions accept a wide range of pigments and dyes.

Common Applications

Offering superior versatility, Megadyne’s chemical-resistant belts are frequently used in the following products and applications:

  • Dryer drives
  • Transfer pumps
  • Air compressors
  • Blower drives
  • Fan drives
  • Pump drives
  • Metering mixes

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