Mechanical belt drives can offer lateral and longitudinal stability, increased efficiency, and technical simplicity. However, if installed incorrectly or in an unsafe working environment, belt drives can suffer inaccurate timing problems or shortened lifespans.

beltCorrecting these issues can require extensive repairs and even premature part replacement. Taking necessary precautions and preemptive measures to ensure a safe mechanical belt working environment from the start can reduce the likelihood that such issues will arise.

Belt Corporation of America recently teamed up with to discuss the catalysts behind typical belt problems and some solutions for addressing such complications. The resulting article, recently featured on, highlights three recommended solutions to belt failures:

  • Heat Failure: Check for initial warning signs related to heat problems, a main cause of belt failure. Caused by friction or external heating, these signs can include tooth wear, edge wear, and stretch wear. Once the type of wear is identified, a change in belt material can correct the heating issue.
  • Travelling Failure: To restrict a belt from traveling to one side or another, a dual-cord system, comprised of two cords wound in opposite directions, can reduce the belt’s movement.
  • Design Failure: To correct problems caused by a belt being used beyond its original design or intended application, consult a professional who could provide the best guidance to adjusting the design for updated usage.

Belt drives are worth an investment because they can offer users a broad range of benefits for manufacturing processes including cost-efficiency, streamlined performance, and long lifespans, resulting in a safer work environment when proper maintenance is ensured. To avoid belt failure, operating equipment within design parameters and performing preventative maintenance is essential.

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