Deep Wedge V BeltA narrower, deeper cross section than classical V-belts with more efficient load carrying characteristics and higher power capability, allowing for smaller, more compact drives. These belts feature UniMatch® construction, which eliminates the need for belt set matching.

Deep Wedge V-belts are identified by a number and letter specifying the belt section and a number giving the outside length in inches multiplied by 10 – Example: 3V250.

Features & Benefits

  • High Power Capability – Higher power with a more compact drive
  • UniMatch® Construction – Consistent performance in multiple V-belt drives and ensures all belts of the same size measure within ARPM matching limits
  • Oil & Heat Resistant – Standard construction belts that deliver excellent performance


  • Compound – Natural Rubber/SBR
  • Cord – Polyester
  • Cover – Cotton/polyester blend

Technical Info

  • Applications – General Industry, Agriculture
  • Engineering Standards – Conforms to ARPM standard IP-22
  • Recommended Pulleys – Use pulleys made to ARPM standards

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