BCA Carriage Plotter belts are made with thermoset urethane and reinforced with Kevlar™ cords. Our molded urethane construction yields the most exact tolerances and precision fit. Thermoset polyurethane, unlike rubber belt replacements, will not crack or dust-out after ongoing bi-directional slewing. Our strength member is made of Kevlar™ cords, which provides high strength and no stretch – crucial for high speed applications.

Our belts are designed with teeth and ribs on the drive side. This delivers a quiet mesh interface on the drive pulley and smooth accurate tracking on the tension side pullBCA belts are delivered fast from stock.

OEM Belt Part Number


  • HP Design Jet 500/800/T610/T1100/Z2100/Z3100/Z3200
  • 24” Belt


  • HP Design Jet 1050/1055
  • 36” Belt


  • HP Design Jet 250C/330C/350C/430C/450C/700C/750C
  • 36” Belt- E size


  • HP Design Jet 250C/330C/350C/430C/450C/700C/750C
  • 24” Belt – D size


  • HP Design Jet 500/800/T610/T1100/Z2100/Z3100/Z3200
  • 42” Belt

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