At Megadyne Belt Corporation of America, we have a reputation for going beyond what is expected to meet the quality requirements and delivery expectations of our OEM customers.

One such customer, a manufacturer of mass transit fare card reading equipment and pre-paid parking ticket dispensers, approached us to produce a silicone feed tire they had been purchasing from another supplier. The supplier was not meeting the OEM’s expectations in terms of lead times and delivery. Since they had worked with us in the past, they were confident we could meet delivery targets that aligned with their production flow.

Megadyne Belt Corp was supplied with a sample, a CAD drawing, as well as material specifications. Production of this feed tire was extremely labor intensive and somewhat challenging due to its small size and narrow dimensions of 1.00” ID x 0.50” in width x 0.25” in thickness. In addition, it required a two-step manufacturing process that added to the complexity.

Megadyne Belt Corp assembled an in-house product development team to review and plan the best way to manufacture the feed tire in a timelier manner while maintaining the quality and integrity of the product. Materials specialists spent weeks in our R&D lab formulating the compounds, while manufacturing specialists engineered the two-stage process that involved:

  1. Applying an internal liner of cured ground urethane over a mandrel
  2. Applying a silicone top coat with a high gloss finish. This high gloss finish was necessary to enable smooth travel of the cards through the reading and dispensing mechanisms.

Using a custom-engineered equipment configuration, Megadyne Belt Corp fabricated these small tires accurately at fast cycle times. Quality control inspections including dimensional measurement of length, width, outer diameter, and inner diameter validated that we upheld close tolerances of ± .001”. Our fresh approach to production allowed us to ship quality products within the time constraints needed by our client.

The feed tire manufactured by Megadyne Belt Corp now provides reliable card capture and return performance for the mass transit fare collection system and has proven to keep up with the fast pace of busy commuters and travelers. We continue to manufacture these feed tires that work as well, if not better, than the original, at the rate of 2,000-3,000 units annually. To learn more about our expert belt manufacturing capabilities, contact us today.

Product Description

Silicone Feed Tire for Mass Transit Fare Collection and Dispensing Equipment

Capabilities Applied/Processes

Multiple Compounds
Two-stage manufacturing process consisting of:
Cured ground urethane over a mandrel
Silicone Top Coat with a high gloss

Overall Part Dimensions

Thickness – .25″
ID – 1″
Width – .5″

Tightest Tolerances

± .001″

Material Used


Material Finish

High Gloss

Industry for Use

Mass Transit (Fare Collection)


2,000 – 3,000 per year

Delivery/Turnaround Time

6 Weeks

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