The importance of the right cover material and modified options mean efficient seedling harvesting. Major manufacturers of wood products start with a seedling grown under controlled environmental conditions. When the seedlings achieve a certain size, they are harvested and refrigerated until replanted in large tree farms.

Tree Seedling With Exposed RootsSeedlings grown in meticulous straight rows must be removed from the ground with specialized harvesting equipment without damaging the crop. To eliminate bending or tearing of the seedling, custom made belts are used to extract the seedling.  Two belts, one at ground level the other above it, extract from the ground and gently convey the seedling to a hopper for storage.

The Problem

The belts grip the seedling, so finding the right balance of grip and wear resistance – due to the surrounding direct environment – was a struggle for a leading OEM manufacturing.  Reducing belt replacement costs, lost production time and seedling waste were their goals.

The Solution

After consulting with the technical team at Megadyne Belt Corporation, two belt designs were produced: One to grip and transport softwood seedlings, like Pine, and one to grip and transport hardwood seedlings, like oak and hickory.

Megadyne Belt Corporation suggested the use of Durataq, a newly developed blended rubber to create a cover that was capable of providing the right grip (coefficient of friction) while offering excellent wear resistance.

Furthermore, the technical team at Megadyne Belt Corporations Cumming GA location engineered a profiled cover to better assist in seedling handling.  Today, the OEM uses both a flat cover structure as well as the profiled design dependent on the tree makeup

The Results

Our customer’s tree harvesting projects can now be completed expediently and efficiently without the risk of delay, damaged goods or the need to constantly replace belts.

Learn More

Your particular application will dictate the right type of cover compounds needed to achieve your applications objective. As illustrated in the case study above, choosing an appropriate compound is key to ensuring belt durability and longevity. Megadyne Belt Corporations orange Durataq™ compound is particularly ideal for applications where grip and wear resistance are important. Because Durataq is molded, a seamless cover is offered.

Since 1985, Megadyne Belt Corporation of America has been proud to offer a range of standard and custom belts and compounds to best suit your unique needs. To learn more about how we can help you with all your product handling needs, contact us today.

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