D Series

90 Shore A top cover, matte surface PVC. High resistance to abrasion on the carrying surface. Conveyors for product accumulation and transverse deflectors, magnetic elevators for cans, wood shaving equipment, cutting machines, automatic die cutting machines, and checkout conveyors.

G Series

55 Shore A cover hardness. Belts with special impression surfaces for use on wood polishing, gauging and sanding machines, and gypsum board manufacturing.

L Series

Soft, 46 to 55 Shore A PVC cover hardness belts. Belts in this range have a very elastic and soft cover with a high coefficient of friction. The large variety of patterns ensures the availability of the right belt for any application where a high grip is required. “H” saw-tooth structure is used on steep conveyors. Type L91/V is specific for marble and ceramic polishing machines whenever a high coefficient of friction is required.

MG Series

55 Shore A cover hardness PVC belts specifically designed for marble, granite, ceramic polishing and gauging machines. Bottom side fabric has a PU impregnation for a low coefficient of friction. These belts usually feature a 4 ply carcass with very low elongation and high resistance to cutting. When embossed with the “Y” and “H2” surface structure it allows for easy draining of water and no movement of the marble slab or ceramic product conveyed during polishing.

N Series

PVC construction with different cover hardness depending on various possible uses. All types are self-extinguishing / flame retardant as per DIN – ISO – AFNOR norms. These belts are used in airport, postal and logistic installations, where low-noise, self-extinguishing and antistatic properties are requested for safety reasons. Dock-shelter belts are available both with rigid and flexible weft.

U Series

74 Shore A hardness PVC belts with good resistance to abrasion and cutting. Suitable for conveying in the presence of mineral oils, hydrocarbons, and detergents. Standard belts for general conveying purposes
Big variety of characteristics combinations and top cover structures to meet all possible conveying requirements. Types U61/V, U91/V and U121/4F are used for stone and ceramics processing machines and have specially designed top cover structures for those applications.

T Series

85 Shore A cover hardness black PVC belts specifically designed for treadmill applications. All belts feature whisper fabrics to reduce running noise and the coefficient of friction as well as anti-static properties to reduce the risk of static build up and shock. Belts in this series feature a range of the four most common cover profiles found on treadmill equipment around the world.