Vertical Form-Fill-Seal (FFS) equipment is widely used in packaging operations throughout the manufacturing industry. As the name implies, these machines work in an assembly line fashion by forming plastic sheeting into a bag, filling the bag with product, and then sealing the package.
Vertical Belts

There are many manufacturers of vertical FFS equipment on the market today and Belt Corporation is experienced with all of the leaders. We manufacture specialty belting both for OEMs and aftermarket distributors. Certain factors such as the bag material sometimes cause the need for custom solutions like the use of different cover materials. Our years of experience with these belts allows us help our customers determine the best belt for their specific use.

Timing and flat belts feature homogenous molded covers for uniform wear surfaces with no hard spots which provide increased performance. There are no splices or seams. They have excellent abrasion resistance and flexibility for trouble-free operation. These belts are also fabricated with non-glazing compounds that deliver excellent grip and slip prevention. The unsurpassed quality in all of our belting products is evident.

Our extensive inventory of belting integrates with the leading vertical form-fill-seal machinery from these leading OEMs:

  • Bosch: Machinery includes continuous or intermittent operation models that produce a variety of bag styles with throughput capacities from 80 to 380 BPM. We supply timing belts with diagonal or horizontal slots and red rubber or yellow foam covers.
  • Eagle: Offering two models of high-quality, cost-effective equipment that packages a broad range of products. Speeds are up to 60 BPM or 120 BPM and we offer flat and timing belts for these machines.
  • Fres-co: Intermittent or continuous packaging machines offer multiple bag formation, filling system options, and closure formats. Our timing belts are direct replacement components.
  • Fuji: Able to handle almost any flowable products, powders, liquids, and bulk solids with a capacity of up to 100 packs/min. Belt Corporation replacement timing belts are available with a choice of cover type.
  • Hayssen: Medium and high-speed units come in a wide variety of capacities to handle a broad range of products. We supply flat belts and timing belts with different covers as specified for each different model.
  • Ilapak: Versatile and flexible packaging machinery with many models to handle loose products, powders, fresh or frozen produce, and granulated products. The timing belts by Belt Corporation feature rubber covers and are equal to original equipment.
  • Ishida: Three models use film roll to produce pillow and gusset bags in rotary, D-motion, or intermittent operation. We supply timing belts that replace original equipment.
  • Kliklok: Vertical FFS systems suit bakery, snack food, cereal, and confectionary products. Our timing belt replacement products fit the bag making and filling systems.
  • Matrix: These machines come in many variations that suit the needs of multiple industries. Belt Corporation timing belts keep these machines running smoothly.
  • Pacmac: With choices in filler tubes, this machine produces pillow style and 3-sided pinch-seal style bags. Our flat belts replace the original equipment easily and seamlessly.
  • Rovema: Intermittent and continuous motion baggers offer flexibility for a wide range of bag styles and products. We provide timing belts for smooth and uninterrupted operation.
  • Sandiacre: Offering a large selection of vertical FFS machinery with many options which enable their use in most packaging operations. Belt Corporation timing belts provide these machines with operations at peak performance levels.
  • TNA: With the most bag formats from a single system, this form-fill-seal equipment has increased speeds and precision. To keep up with the high demand on this machinery, our timing belts are direct replacement components that can easily handle the tough working conditions and requirements of this system.
  • Triangle: An innovator in the industry continues to produce top-quality machinery that bags a wide variety of products in many different types of cartons. With our replacement timing belts in place, the consistent quality of these machines is maintained.

Although all of these machines vary widely in specifications and features, there is one constant among them: they all must rely on timing and flat belts to function as designed.

When the time comes to replace belts, look no further than the experts in specialty belting. Trust our belts to keep your equipment running!