Cleats are used to assist in product handling, sorting, separating and actuation.  Depending on the application and conveyor plane– incline or horizontal; Megadyne can attach the right cleat design to meet the specific need of your application requirements.  Megadyne offers cleats made in TPU, PVC and blend TPU/PVC material in a wide range of color options.  All Megadyne cleats are baseless in design and are securely attached using high frequency welding technology.

Cleat Profiles

  • 10-degree profiles
  • 10-degree reinforced profiles
  • Vertical profiles
  • 30-degree PU/PL profiles
  • High Efficiency profiles

The cleats inserted in the belt are made from highly resistant polyurethane and welded evenly. If you need any kind of cleat, ask our OEM team to find your solution.

  • Tobacco industry:Belt with special cleats for tobacco industry.
  • Packaging industry: Special reworking to install custom made elements.
  • Fish industry: High variety of cleats allow Megalinear belts to work in several fields.

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