Belt Corporation of America has a proven history of success in solving belt problems, both large and small, for distributors as well as for OEMs.  Often businesses will come to us with a specific problem that needs to be addressed, and in these instances, our engineers have applied innovative solutions to solve their most difficult belting issues.

harvested-treesIn one such case, a distributor approached Belt Corporation for help. The customer needed to improve the performance of a belt – that they were using – that was simply not doing the job.

The belt in question was being used for a tree harvesting operation.  These particular belts are used to pull whole tree trunks and limbs through a machine that strips away the bark and branches.  The process involved using a two-belt system, each with a cover that fit inside the other one.  However, the belts the customer was using were not lasting long enough to be effective. The customer needed a belt with increased durability and longevity.  In addition, the pre-cured rubber compound cover glued onto the belts was not suitable for prolonged outdoor exposure, as it resulted in cracking.

Our solution was to produce a belt with a molded cover – a specialty of Belt Corporation of America. Molded covers are truly endless and contained no splices that could potentially compromise the performance of the belts. This feature is critical for use in a heavy-duty, rough application such as tree harvesting.  The newly developed belt easily handled the severe-duty tree harvesting application.

In addition, our engineers developed a compound that is both abrasion and oil resistant.  The resulting product provides increased durability while maintaining flexibility in varied weather conditions.

Our distributor continues to order what has now become one of our standard belts, and still looks to Belt Corporation of America to solve their customers’ difficult application issues.

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