Spondaflex corrugated sidewalls are Megadyne Sampla’s solution to high capacity conveying problems. The Spondaflex sidewalls eliminate lateral spillage and serve as an alternative to traditional troughed conveyors. When belts are fitted with both Spondaflex and cleats, material can be conveyed up to a 90-degree incline. Spondaflex is manufactured at our factory in Buffalo, NY. It is available in PVC and PU blends in two main widths and corrugation styles, as well as various heights and colors, directly applied to the belt or with a base in roll form.

Advantages of the Spondaflex system

  • Outstanding wear resistance
  • Fabric reinforced for added strength
  • Excellent flexibility for small pulley diameters
  • Many stocked colors – black, green, apple green, red, clear and white
  • Available in narrow (Mini – 23mm wide) and wide (Maxi – 45mm) corrugations
  • Custom production – PVC or PU, any color and height combination, subject to minimum production runs
  • Quick deliver – Manufactured in Buffalo, NY

Advantages of Spondaflex sidewall without a base

  • Smaller diameter pulleys.
  • Recommended in food-related applications.
  • Easier to clean.

Advantages of Spondaflex sidewall with a base

  • Easier to install.
  • No need for specialized tools.
  • Spondaflex Field Welding Kit available.

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