Double Sided V BeltSpecially designed for serpentine and reversing drives, Double V-belts transmit power from both sides of the belt. Polyester cords and cotton/polyester cover provide maximum strength and length stability with minimum stretch. These belts conform to ARPM Engineering Standard IP-21. Double V-belts are available in three standard ARPM sections – AA, BB and CC – and in lengths up to 540 inches.

They are specified by belt section letters and a Standard Length Designation that is equivalent to the length of single “V” profile belts – Example: AA49

Features & Benefits

  • Polyester Tensile Member – Maximum strength, minimum stretch
  • Dual Cross-Section Construction – Flexibility in design; delivers power from both sides of the belt
  • Center Cordline Construction – Increased flexibility on reverse bend or serpentine drives; longer life than standard belts


  • Compound – NR/SBR
  • Cord – Polyester
  • Cover – Cotton/polyester blend

Technical Info

  • Applications – General Industry, Lawn & Garden, Agriculture, Textile, Material Sorting Equipment
  • Note – These belts do not use the same nomenclature as Agricultural belts. Refer to Jason/Megadyne Engineering for length conversions
  • Engineering Standards – Conforms to ARPM standard IP-21
  • Recommended Pulleys – Use pulleys made to ARPM IP-20 for the respective single V-belt

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