Megadyne Americas supplies custom capper belts for all types of industrial applications. We offer replacement belts for top-quality capping machines from leading OEMs. With unlimited possibilities, our expert belting specialists have extensive knowledge of the machinery our customer’s use in their operations and can easily assist you in determining the right belting solution.

We manufacture belts that are direct replacements for KAPS-ALL® and SureKap capping machinery. These machines are widely used throughout the packaging industry for a wide variety of products. Whether needed for light or heavy-duty applications, we will have a belt that will keep these machines working at optimal performance.

Belts are specifically made to work with each company’s equipment. KAPS-ALL’s capping systems are portable for movement from one production line to another and are capable of handling a wide variety of containers of different materials and sizes.

Spindle cappers and tighteners have throughputs from 80 to over 400 bottles per minute while fully-automatic overcapper/lidders reach speeds up to 400 BPM. All of these machines rely on belting to move products. When you use one of our belts, there is never any worry or concern that the belts will fail or be inadequate.

Belting for KAPS-ALL® machinery is supplied with a blue fabric covered foam or white neoprene cover with a folded edge or 1/16” recessed edge, respectively. These belts are manufactured to be direct replacements for original OEM parts.


SureKap manufactures a wide range of heavy-duty capping equipment for almost any cap type, shape, or size. They offer compact, table-top models to fully automatic, high-speed capping systems that easily integrate into any packaging line.

SureKap’s innovative belt feed systems on the automatic machines eliminate extra equipment and save changeover time. As belts are integral components for proper functioning, we manufacture belts that are made exclusively for the SureKap machinery. Direct replacement belts are available in a wide variety of materials and sizes to maintain exceptional machine operation.

Our belting products meet the demanding requirements of the high-quality machinery produced by manufacturers of leading packaging equipment. For belts that will keep KAPS-ALL® and SureKap equipment running optimally, consider using top-quality belts from Megadyne Americas. Download of Capping Machine Belts eBook to learn more about our offering.

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