BCA is excited to announce the addition of replacement plotter carriage belts for Hewlett Packard DesignJet Plotters to our already extensive line of custom and stock belting products.

PlotterBelt-Edit.jpgThese plotter carriage belts are manufactured out of high quality thermoset urethane (PU). PU offers a number of benefits over traditional rubber belts. Unlike rubber belts, thermoset urethane belts will not dry out, become brittle, crack, or dust-out over time due to bi-directional slewing.

Adding to the strength of the BCA belt is the Kevlar™ cord reinforcement. Kevlar™ cords give the belts strength and minimize stretch. The belts — designed with drive side teeth and ribs to improve mesh interface and tracking — are carefully molded to ensure precise tolerances and accurate fit.

“We are proud to offer our customers a line of direct OEM quality replacement plotter carriage belts for HP® DesignJet Plotters,” said our Director of Sales, Rich Blais. “These plotter belts are made with the same high quality materials and with the same attention to detail as all of our products.”

Belt Corporation of America manufactures five different plotter carriage belts in three different lengths: 24 inches, 36 inches, and 42 inches. Together, the belts are compatible with more than 15 different HP® DesignJet Plotter models, including from their standard, T, and Z series.

Learn more about our line of plotter belts, made in the USA and kept in stock to ensure expedient delivery upon order. Visit the Hewlett Packard Plotter Carriage Belts page of our website.

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