When it comes to belting, there are several material options to choose from—all of which depend on the specific needs of your application. At Belt Corporation of America, we take pride in offering customers a wide variety of materials to complement our customized belting solutions.

Dura-Taq-RGB_(1)Our capabilities and resources have expanded greatly over our 30-year tenure. In addition to materials such as polyester, urethane, fiberglass, and many others, we also offer two interesting materials called DuraTaq™ and Linatex®.

The Materials

DuraTaq™ is an orange-colored, 100% natural rubber with a high coefficient of friction and elongation percentage. One of the latest innovative offerings from Belt Corporation of America, DuraTaq™ can repel various chemical substances while providing industrial belts with the abrasion resistance and tactility needed for the most heavy-duty applications.

Linatex® is a red-colored, 95% natural rubber that is particularly resistant to wet or sliding applications. This substance has been utilized by manufacturers for several decades. With its abrasion resistant qualities, Linatex® can outlast steel alloys, polyurethanes, and other materials slurry handling or valve and pump applications.

The Comparison

Here’s how these two materials compare to each other:

  • Hardness – DuraTaq™: 45 ± 5. Linatex®: 38-45
  • Coefficient of Friction – DuraTaq™: 1.50. Linatex®: 1.43.
  • Abrasion Resistance – DuraTaq™: 120mm³ (Din), 1.26g (Taber), 105% (NBS). Linatex®: 200 mm³ (Din), 2.59g (Taber), 70% (NBS).
  • Density – DuraTaq™: 1.06 gr/cc. Linatex®: 1.0gr/cc.
  • Tensile Strength – DuraTaq™: 3300 psi. Linatex®: 3140 psi.
  • Elongation Percentage – DuraTaq™: 600%. Linatex®: 350%.
  • Tear– DuraTaq™: 220 pounds per inch. Linatex®: 175 pounds per inch.

Each material has a thermal resistance of -40°F to 212°F and a good to excellent compression set rebound. Additionally, each material is not recommended for applications involving petroleum products.

Choosing the Ideal Material

DuraTaq™ boasts enhanced durability that works well in many harsh applications, but Linatex® is not without its merits. As mentioned earlier, your material will ultimately depend on your needs.

If you’re unsure about the ideal material for you, Belt Corporation of America can provide you with a free design consultation—our team of design engineers is always ready to help!

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